Sailing expeditions – Regatta for friends

Expeditions and sailing trips

We organize trips and expeditions on sailing yachts around the world. We are discovering new countries or familiar directions from an unusual angle. Croatia, Turkey, Montenegro, France, Italy, Spain, as well as Norway, Iceland, Scotland, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Bahamas, Thailand and Seychelles.

When we are on a yacht – we are absolutely free to choose the direction. Our expeditions include not only routes to amazing places, but also a rich program. We hold diving regattas in which we get to the most picturesque natural aquariums, get to know their inhabitants and look at reefs. During delicious gastronomic tours we try the best local chef’s dishes. In the programs of fitness tours and dance tours, sports activities with coaches and master classes with dance instructors.

Each member of the crew on a daily journey is assigned a new ship role. You will know what the work of a sailor, boatswain, navigator, radio operator, assistant captain is, and be sure to take part in the management of the yacht.

For one vacation, you will have time:

  • go on an unusual journey
  • learn the basics of yacht management
  • to spend time in a cool company and meet people of similar nature

Our travels on yachts are a total reboot and bright emotions! Life on a yacht, new acquaintances with interesting people, a constantly changing landscape, physical exertion – all this pulls out of the context of everyday life so much that when they return, our participants cannot remember the password from the computer!