Young Sailors Academy – Regatta for friends

Young sailors academy

Boat trip on yachts for children 6-12 years old and their parents. You will find active learning and participation in the life of the boat, which alternate with leisure and entertainment.

Family travel on yachts is a change of the usual picture and type of activity, a long-awaited replacement for the traditional land “package” tourism and a complete “reset” for adults and children.


In the children’s regatta under the guidance of experienced captains and animators, the team goes on a week-long sea expedition on comfortable cruise yachts.

We have only the most qualified skippers who teach expedition members in marine business and charge adults and children with love for the sea and adventure!


Children and parents live on boats in comfortable double cabins.  Normally there are  4-5 cabins and 2-3 bathrooms with shower and hot water on each boat.

Each boat has its own fully equipped kitchen. The participants cook on it from fresh products purchased from shops and local markets.

The boats are equipped with a special safety BabyNet.


In the regatta, together with the counselors, we will learn to knit sea knots, learn everything about the life of real sailors, launch kites, build sand castles, have a picnic on an uninhabited island, solve the mystery of a secret book and find the treasure! And also we will see the Polar Star, we will find the Big and Small Dipper in the night starry sky!

While children are having fun, parents can devote their free time to their hobbies or join children.


By the end of the trip, the parents and the child will know what the job of a sailor, boatswain, navigator, radio operator and captain is, and also how to knit sea knots, what for fenders are, give and take mooring lines and shout “anchor is clear” when set off.

Family sailing in Croatia, Montenegro, Turkey, Greece or Italy is a great alternative to usual beach vacations. This is a great opportunity to get even closer to your children, make new friends, be one team and get a boost of positive energy for the whole year!

Family yachting is a great alternative to beach vacation.