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Sailing school - sailing boats

Today everyone has the opportunity to learn how to sail a sailing yacht and get international bareboat skipper lecense.

To do this you just need:
• to love the sea;
• to love the wind;
• to love freedom;
• to have the courage to let it all in your life;
• to pass the IYT exam;
• to be prepared for the fact that your life will change.

The international training course for skippers with Regatta for friends is two weeks of theory and practice in Montenegro or Croatia on a 13-meter sailing yacht. The yacht is certified for training in the school, which carefully preserves the centuries-old traditions of yachting.

What skills / knowledge do you need to have in order to enroll for a skipper course:

  • the experience of sailing (preferably);
  • basic knowledge of English language;
  • ability to swim (calmly float and swim 50 meters);
  • desire to learn.

What requirements need to be fulfilled to become a skipper:

  • get training on IYT (International Yacht Training) program;
  • successfully demonstrate your knowledge and skills in the exam;
  • obtain certificates for bareboat skipper and VHF radio operator.

What skills will be developed:

  • study of typical yacht construction;
  • the practical implementation of the basic duties of a sailor, boatswain,  navigator, radio operator and captain;
  • daytime coastal sailing;
  • sea ​​sailing;
  • skipper leadership.

What is the exam:

  1. The theoretical part (navigation, International regulations for preventing collisions at the sea, radio communications, typical yacht construction).
  2. The practical part (knots, maneuvering under the engine, preparing the yacht for the exit, receiving the weather forecast, preparing the yacht for mooring, docking, anchoring, performing the man overboard maneuver under the engine and under sail, sailing maneuvering).

How is the training :

  • the first day at 5:00 pm – students gathering, accommodation on a boat, distribution of roles, safety breefing, introduction;
  • the second – the fourth day – acquaintance with the internal and external space, practical navigation, maneuvering under the engine, studying knots, learning the rules of navigation, receiving the weather forecast;
  • the fifth – the eighth day – sailing along the coast, working off the mooring lines, anchoring, applying the rules of COLRES-72, radio communications, working out the maneuver “saving a drowning man (MOB)”;
  • the ninth – the twelfth day – work with the sails, tacking and tilting, blocking the hoist, taking reefs;
  • thirteenth day (Friday) – exam, gala dinner;
  • Fourteenth day (Saturday) – check-out.

Upon successful completion of a serious theoretical and practical exam, you will receive two certificates:

  1. IYT bareboat skipper (Sail)– a certificate allows you to independently rent a yacht and move away from the coast within 20 nautical miles.
  2. IYT radio operator– this certificate confirms your right to use a marine radio station and is mandatory for some countries.

Who is teaching the course:

Training is conducted by a full-time instructor and Regatta for friends founder Sergey Sinitsyn . In addition to organizing a variety of sailing events (personal captain’s experience for more than 100 weeks under sail), Sergey studied with distinguished sailors, such as:

– master instructor – Y. Pugach,

– yachtsman round the world – a loner, Honored Master of Sports – Languages ​​V.A,

– Instructor of sailing skills – Taranenko AA,

– Master of Sports of the USSR – AN Rachevsky

– Rolex Regatta winner Kondratyev D.

and other respected instructors.

What yachts we sail:

Only certified yachts are used for training.

  • Sun Odyssey 439
  • yachts are equipped with 4 cabins
  • 2 heads with shower
  • the length of the yacht is 13 meters, width 4.24
  • draft – 2 meters

After successfully completing a yachting course, you will get exclusive membership for Skippers Club. This is a community where you will always receive support and answers to questions about boat rental, the technical side, routes and relationships with charter companies. Each month the club gathers face-to-face meetings where, in a warm and friendly atmosphere, skippers exchange experiences and lifehacks, talk about mistakes, meet with boat owners and representatives of the yachting business to maintain the relevance of knowledge.

After the sailing course you can: Become a real yachtsman!

  • Feel the sea wind and salty spray at the helm of a sailing yacht!
  • To expand the circle of communication and make friends with the same enthusiastic people!
  • To rent a yacht all over the world and sail your own route with your friends and family!
  • Visit new places on the planet that are accessible only from the sea!
  • Discover the countries that you already love from the new side!
  • And also graduates of our school successfully apply their skills, becoming Regatta for friends skippers!