Yachting in Russia 2017 - review by Olga – Regatta for friends

Yachting in Russia 2017 – review by Olga

Lots of new experiences. I have always wanted to walk around the sea on a yacht in my life, but it would be difficult for me to decide to go on such a tour alone, and since most of my friends have small children and rest arrange for them, someone has just different preferences, it would take a long time for someone to wait for a couple, not to mention the company. Therefore, I was very happy to offer to combine dance and yachting. It is very nice that this happened now, and not in a dozen years.
I really liked it. I liked that there was an opportunity to try different ship roles from the sailor to the maid. I liked the company: I sincerely admired our girls, who went down to the cockpit to cook during pitching, I was not capable of such a feat. Enjoyed the entertainment: swimming from a yacht, skiing on a mooring, flying on a fender, lifting onto a mast and others. I liked the tour to Mangup-Kale, starting from climbing the mountain to stunning views from the plateau and ending with a delicious dinner that was already waiting for us below.
I remember the watch. There was an instruction to wake the captain, if the readings of the instruments would change a lot, but I never had to wake up: after each really strong gust of wind Sergei woke up himself and asked a question about wind strength, depth … There was a feeling of reliability and trust in a person who feels the yacht so much even a dream.
Mooring in Yalta – difficult for a team of beginners – also became one of the highlights of our journey. Orders that can not be executed immediately, because you still need to understand what exactly means the spoken word. Emotions that add drive, but get in the way. The complexity of maneuvers. This mooring has become our adventure.
It was very interesting to participate in the process of setting the sails. And although I was watching the picture, how all the same can be done by one person on their own, when we carried out our tasks, there was a sense of command. I am very grateful to the captain that despite the lack of wind, we set sail on the last day. Still, the sensations when you go under sail, differ from the sensations of movement on the motor. I hope that soon I will get ready to go and still be lucky with the wind than on this trip.