Yachting in Russia 2016 - review by Olga – Regatta for friends

Yachting in Russia 2016 – review by Olga

Hi, Regatta for friends and Parus Club!

  1. What did you like?

Organizing an event for 5+, starting with starting sweatshirts and other amenities, ending with daily contests and fun. The only serious disadvantage of this trip was, and we discussed it, this is the distance of the transitions, and we did not have enough time to explore the surroundings, and the sunny day was not so long, unfortunately. Because of this, the feeling of “under-something” remains. The very right decision was – the first crossing from Irkutsk without passengers. Very cool trick – wish yourself in 10 years, and the action with postcards is also a cool thing)))

  1. What to improve?

Regarding this journey, if only a few routes to reconsider and reduce the distance of the crossings or increase the number of days of the expedition (but it seems to me that 2 weeks will be too long and not everyone will be ready for such a period to fall out of life.

  1. What was missing?

Here it is difficult to formulate any answer. All liked it! Personally, I lacked some of my personal needs, in most cases relating only to me personally, and, going on a trip, I understood this. So, in general, everything was SUPER!

Huge THANKS !!!

Olga K.