Sailing school 2016 - review by Alexey – Regatta for friends

Sailing school 2016 – review by Alexey

It is difficult to write a review about such big events in life. We must choose what to say, so that it does not turn into several pages. I will try to focus on the yachting itself):

1. The first thing that amazes is accessibility. For many years I dreamed of going on a yacht, but I thought it was a super luxury. And he didn’t suspect that this is cheaper or comparable to ordinary rest.

2. Seasickness is not. There are conditions under which it can appear in any person. But if in time to eat, drink and get enough sleep, everything will be luxury.

3. The amount of knowledge that seems to be simply indigestible can be covered in 2 weeks of study. Of course, this is only the beginning, but it is enough to take the boat yourself and go out to sea.

4. You can go against the wind. People are just brilliant. It is necessary to use it)

5. You need to be prepared for that in your life there will be new people who become something of a family. Thanks to the organizers and the Parus Club for the approach to this training. For responsibility, for the ability to highlight the most important and generally convey knowledge. This is unique.