Yachting in Italy (Sardinia) - review by Natalia – Regatta for friends

Yachting in Italy (Sardinia) – review by Natalia

I participated with my daughter in theYoung Sailors Academy, a family regatta in Sardinia in July 2017.

I already knew Nina, the co-founder of the project, during her corporate career. She followed with interest the development of them with the husband of the family project “Regatta for friends”. I really like the format – active leisure on yachts for children and parents.

A week on a sailing catamaran along the shores of Sardinia was filled with vivid emotions, new experiences and freedom. I was happy to spend time with my daughter, master the yacht management with her, swim and feel carefree, away from the gadgets and bustle of the big city with endless meetings, deadlines and projects.

I was able to truly relax, completely disconnect from the working moments, and listen to me.

With confidence I recommend Sergey and Nina Sinitsyn and the “Regatta for friends”. These guys infect their love for the sea and sails. And all the participants of their events are surrounded by such care and attention that they don’t want to leave at all. I didn’t want to leave either because the crews assemble a circle of such bright and interesting people with whom not only on yachts on vacation, but also on returning to the city, warm and friendly relations are maintained. After our return – a husband and a son went to the next regatta. And the husband also received the rights of the skipper, having learned from the “Friendly Regatta”, from the captain-instructor Sergey Sinitsyn.

Natalia Morozova,
General Manager,
SIA Chocolette Confectionary