Yachting in Italy 2018 - review by Maria – Regatta for friends

Yachting in Italy 2018 – review by Maria

The older I get, the more I get used to what surrounds me – to people, worries, everyday picture. And less and less on the way there is something that touches to the depths of the soul. Until yachting appeared in my life …

In yachting there are no random people. Everyone comes here for something different: someone for adrenaline, someone to search for himself, someone to test his strength, someone to escape from the routine and routine. And all these people are people of incredible inner strength. To get to the yachting accidentally impossible. Firstly, because it requires a certain amount of money. Accordingly, a person must be purposeful and accomplished in life. Secondly, yachting is a certain amount of discomfort compared to the usual hotel rest. Accordingly, people going to the boat are those who appreciate drive and incredible emotions more than comfort. Thirdly, yachting is adrenaline, a small fraction, but still a risk. Therefore, determination, courage, the spirit of adventurism and openness to everything new are the integral qualities of the crew. And fourth, in a small space, yachts are completely unfamiliar and different people become a friendly company, take care of each other and support. No other way.

Now imagine that these people next to you are not 2-3. And 15. Where else to meet such people? I dont know. Where else to find such an atmosphere? I do not know either.
I know only one thing – after each regatta I leave with a baggage of super emotions, an incredible tide of strength, new knowledge and experience and new friends, each meeting with which then turns into a holiday. And each participant regatta returns home a little bit different. With new plans, the determination to change something, start something new and be sure to go to the sea again!

It happened to me. Yachting greatly changed my outlook on life, and life itself, too. And it continues to change it every time in the most incredible and unexpected way. Now yachting is part of me, part of my life, part of my blood. Somewhere at the cellular level …