Yachting in Italy 2018 - review by Elena – Regatta for friends

Yachting in Italy 2018 – review by Elena

After a week after the regatta, she suddenly realized even more how great it was. My biggest impression was left by the people with whom we lived nose-to-nose for a week. It was so easy, MENTALLY (when you live not in Russia, you appreciate it more than anything else) and have fun to tears! Thanks to Regatta for friends for this ability to combine completely unfamiliar, but so internally similar, participants among themselves! Traveling itself is risky, especially in a group where I was not acquainted with anyone, but this is my first trip where I did not feel any discomfort at all! Those who have not tried and do not find friends to go together, you can even have no doubt, and go yourself / herself! It will be very cool. Guaranteed!