Yachting in Italy 2018 - review by Andrey – Regatta for friends

Yachting in Italy 2018 – review by Andrey

That almost ended the Italian holidays, most of which took the regatta in the south of Italy. We had one yacht and one catamaran, which went their way along the route Salerno – Amalfi – Capri – Ischia – Sorrento – Salerno.

Of course, the main impressions are connected with yachting, I will share some of them:

  • In yachting it is extremely important that you find yourself on a boat. You will not only have to live in a very limited space with these people for a long time, but it is also possible to get out of difficult situations relying on them. Therefore, if you are forming a team, approach this issue very carefully. I was partly lucky – the team was excellent, but in many respects this was certainly not luck, but the work of Regatta for friends organizers, who met and communicated with each participant personally before the regatta.
  • In general, people on boats are special, apparently natural filters work: this is not cheap, that is, a person must be successful, this is not very comfortable, it means that a person should value the drive more than comfort, and this is a little bit risky, which means he should be in the right degree adventurer!
  • The most popular question is boat or catamaran? I was lucky to try myself and on that and on that and give an unequivocal answer that I can not better. The boat is more sport, sharper sensations, but not very comfortable ergonomics. A catamaran is like a big pioneer camp on the water, with a place for a big campfire, choir songs and star viewing! Be sure to try this and that!
  • Does it rock? I was rocked by two days out of seven, but there are ways to deal with it, ranging from pills to the right tasks on board.
  • A cool way to see a large number of cities in 7 days? Yes, but you need to understand that this will be a test acquaintance. It will be possible to understand your or not yours, but not fully acquainted with the city. Despite the short transitions, they beat the day in half, and remember that you have interesting people with you on board who also want to spend time. I am quite greedy for impressions and in order to have time to see the islands, I had to get up at 7 am and wind up to ten hours by ten thousand steps. Add to this the gathering with the team well past midnight and afternoon transitions and get an approximate daily routine.
  • Proceeding from the previous point, be sure to take a few days to move away from the pitching and recuperate, on a wave of emotions it seems that the forces are endless, but you can’t fool the body!
  • Yachting is a great job for photos, so it’s very cool when there is a photographer on board! Victor, thanks!

Well, the traditional is better to regret what he did, than about what he did not! Dear friends!