Yachting in Croatia 2018 - review by Daria – Regatta for friends

Yachting in Croatia 2018 – review by Daria

Our magic house in this regatta with the onboard name “Gandalf”, like that wise wizard from “The Lord of the Rings.” And, after all, the truth in every night on the boat has its own magic. And no matter where she is. At sea at anchor or when we go into the marina. I love every night spent in this cozy house on the water. When you are salty and tired, slightly swaying in the rhythm of the passage over the sea, you step on the pier and go to enjoy the new port town. And they always reign their own special atmosphere. The raging life of local institutions and the friendly greetings of the same fans of the sea. You feel like a member of one big family. Returning home and falling exhausted. And the yacht will hide you from any bad weather and will carefully lull you, gently shaking on the waves, under the smell of the sea breeze, walking around the cabin through the open portholes. And tomorrow you will wake up at dawn and go on your new and unforgettable voyage