Yachting in Croatia 2018 - review by Andrey – Regatta for friends

Yachting in Croatia 2018 – review by Andrey

That was incredible! The sea, so bored by the annual beach holiday, is completely different looks “on the other side.” So many new impressions: climbing the mast, “pirate swings” and “pirate jacuzzi”, jumping into the water from a yacht – the pleasure of all this is not to convey any words! To some extent, I again felt like a little child, opening the world. Especially unforgettable feeling when you hold the steering wheel, and a gust of wind picks up and with incredible speed carries the yacht over the waves!

I am infinitely glad that I was able to share these emotions with my son, who, on the first day of sailing, was a little afraid not to leave the company’s cabin, and by the end of the regatta with undisguised pleasure commanded “Prepare for the turnout!” and confidently turned the steering wheel turning the yacht. Quests, fun exercises, races with paddles on “tuziki” (boats), treasure hunts and many other entertainments awaited our children on yachts, on the shore and at sea. Many thanks to Sergey and Nina – the organizers of the Academy of Young Sailors for opening a new and wonderful world of sailing holidays with children!