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How to choose yachting gloves

Hands – the main tool of the yachtsman, and they must be reliably protected! Especially when working with ropes and cables. In order not to injure the skin of the hands, we choose the right yacht gloves. You should not save on them!

Yacht gloves are different.

We recommend wearing gloves that cover 2 of the 3 phalanges of the fingers. Gloves with long fingers can be uncomfortable when working with winches – there is a risk that the glove may accidentally tighten. Gloves with short fingers that cover only one phalanx, there is a risk of getting burned open part of the hand.

What else to pay attention to when choosing?

– Non-slip materials. The grip must be strong.

– Durability. The palm and the area between the thumb and index finger should not be erased after passing the ropes through them. There are gloves with double and triple protective layer.

– A fastener and a flypaper. With them, gloves do not slip, easier to put on and keep better.

– Suitable size. If the glove even presses the hand slightly when fitting, then you should take a larger size, as in the heat and from moisture the hands may swell a little. However, a very loose glove may rub the arm.

-Convenience. You should be comfortable in yacht gloves! This is the main criterion.

The most popular models that can be found on the market: the most low-end – Tribord (Decathlon), more serious professional models – Henri Lloyd, Gill, Harken, Musto, Marine Pool.

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