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Dispelling myths about yachting

Sailing trips are gaining increasing popularity all over the world. By tradition, everything that is of interest is also quickly overgrown with discussions and myths. Many do not dare to come on board the yacht for the first time simply because they do not know how the journey is going or going about their doubts and stereotypes. Friends, you are depriving yourself of an amazing and unique form of sports tourism. We made a selection of the most common myths about yachting.

Myth number 1. Sailing is expensive

An ordinary family with a stable income can afford a week-long sailing trip. Sit down and count all the costs, you will be surprised to find out for yourself that the annual vacation abroad – beach holidays or cultural tourism – is not cheaper. The cost of a seat in a regatta team is comparable to a standard “package” vacation in Turkey or Egypt. The price is the same, emotions and pleasure – more!

Myth number 2. There is no comfort on the boat
Many people think that yachtsmen are lovers of extreme relaxation, for whom comfort is not at all important, and they are ready to sacrifice the benefits of civilization. It’s a delusion. Yachts are different – for sports and for recreation. Having entered for the first time on a modern cruise yacht, the newcomers are pleasantly surprised: comfortable double cabins with single beds, a locker and shelves for things, 5 cabins – usually at least three bathrooms with hot water showers, in the kitchen – a gas stove, a sink , a refrigerator and a freezer, a place where there is everything you need and where you can comfortably cook. This is not always the case in hotels and apartments.

Modern catamarans are a whole house on the water, in which participants sometimes forget that they are in the middle of the sea!

Myth number 3. Becoming a skipper is difficult

Training for the skipper takes 2 weeks: this is the theory and practice directly on the boat with full immersion in the life of real sailors. It is faster than learning a new language, taking advanced training courses or learning how to drive. Of course, the management of the yacht is a responsible matter, but any skill of a professional is honed by experience! If you carefully listen to your mentor, are serious about learning and practicing, an international certificate exam is “on your shoulders”! After – before you open all the seas and oceans, choose the route of your journey under sail.

Myth number 4. This is not women’s business
Representatives of the beautiful half of humanity are not just equal members of the crew, but also beauty, the soul of a regatta, humor. They also, like men, are ready to share the duties of the crew members, enjoy the sun and the salty splash of the waves, endure bad weather and windy days. More and more often, girls are happy to master the technique of controlling a yacht, receive international certificates of the captain of the vessel and are boldly sent on trips! It is not difficult at all and does not require special physical training. Even people of solid age can easily cope. Statistics of training for the skipper in Regatta for friends sailing school gives us to understand that every year interest in the management of the yacht among girls is growing!
In addition, yachting can be your common hobby, and then the family. In the regatta, people open up, forgetting about life and everyday work, they allow themselves to relax, to show their best qualities, to be open, to share emotions with the team. Yachting is also romantic, the regattas have already connected many adventurers! After all, where else, if not on a yacht, you can meet strong, courageous men with a fair amount of adventurism 🙂

Myth number 5. Yachting is for professionals

Anyone can learn the basics of yachting. Those who join the team as a member of the regatta will be sufficient to follow the recommendations of the organizers and the captain. Knowledge and life skills on a yacht are acquired quickly. Literally after the first trip you will not be able to imagine life without the sea.
If you want not just to be a member of the crew, but to stand behind the wheel, but for now you are afraid, we remind you: every guru in his field began by studying the Primer in the first class. Of course, a professional yachtsman will be able to control the boat almost with his eyes closed, but all that separates you from this level is your own travel experience.
This is a special pleasure: several times a year to break away from work, office, life and feel absolutely free and happy under the white sails in the middle of the sea. Sailing is fun for everyone!

Myth number 6. It is very difficult to operate the boat

Do you remember your feelings when you first got on a two-wheeled bicycle, got on rollers or got behind the wheel of a car? Fear of each bump, fear of speed, in a car – stay away from oncoming cars, confidently rushing along the next lane, and a complete misunderstanding of how you can simultaneously look ahead and control the situation around using mirrors. A few months later, you will not be caught up on a bike ride, you teach your friends to roller-skate, proving that it’s easy, and you’re driving a car “on the machine”. Also with a yacht. For the first time approaching the helm, you might think that the purpose of all cables, ropes, gauges and hardware you will never learn, even under the guidance of an instructor. But by the end of the training you know all the names and understand how every detail affects the movement of the boat. And after several independent exits to the water, you will catch yourself thinking that the hand itself reaches for the desired rope. The main desire:)

Myth number 7. The yacht is not safe
The vehicle and the escalator in the subway and shopping center are a technical means of heightened danger. Modern yachting boat designed to maximize the safety of the team. Compliance with safety rules and good sea practices will help make your stay comfortable and safe. In addition, all cruise routes are laid not far from the coast, overnight stays are held in specially equipped marinas (seaports) or in quiet cozy bays anchored. Weather conditions are monitored twice a day. And in the event of any doubt, the captain changes the route.
Under the guidance of experienced skippers, you can not only get basic skills in boat handling, but also have a great rest in an excellent company. The only danger of yachting is that having tried once, it is impossible to stop. Yachting is forever! 🙂

Myth number 8. There is nothing to do in yachting – only the sea will be around me
With this delusion, everyone breaks up after the first day under sail. And sometimes before – even in the marina when meeting with the team.
After becoming acquainted with sailing, it is difficult to imagine your vacation in a hotel or on the beach. The mobility of the yacht, the feeling of freedom and independence, a new type of yachting, magical pictures in the phone, beautiful nature and always a great company will not let you be bored! Picnics on the islands, swimming in the open sea, nightly gatherings on the deck, cooking together, planning stops and dinners at coastal restaurants, watching movies under a starry sky, scuba diving, fishing, reading books on the deck, you can stand at the helm with the captain , for the first time to anchor, and just sunbathe – you have enough entertainment for the whole regatta! And for those who want to gain yacht management skills – also new knowledge that they want to improve further.

Myth number 9. Sailing is not available for children

Children especially like yachting, and you will see your kids from the other side: they are happy, are happy about the sea and swim in it, they get on well with the team, are ready to try on the crew roles, ask to stand at the helm of the place with the captain. There is no limit to their courage and enthusiasm! 🙂 The Academy of Young Sailors by Regatta for friends spends children’s sailing trips, where an entire program is being prepared for children – quests, an exciting treasure hunt, solving logical problems, sports, masquerades! And of course, everything is already provided for from the point of view of security – special equipment, instruction. The most frequent question of the child after the regatta: “When is the next time we go to sea on a yacht?”.