Aero – calmness: what to do on the plane?

Flights with small children are a special topic. The question is not so much about takeoff and landing, which often take place under a friendly chorus of crying babies, as in the rest of the flight time. What to do with the child, how to do without the nervous TIC of the neighbors in the chair and make them smile at your baby during and after the flight as they did at the beginning? Our subscribers shared their experience of organizing quiet flights.

Tip 1: be one step forward

Knowing that you will be flying with a child, try to foresee everything in advance. We take everything you need on Board, but in a minimal way: from hygiene products for children to your favorite toy. Try to surprise: a simple “Kinder Surprise” will cause delight, and a toy made of a chocolate egg will help to concentrate the child’s attention for 20 minutes. Download cartoons and their favorite series, new games that can be held without the Internet, remember in advance finger games: “the Main thing is to prepare for the flight in advance and calculate the time!”, – advises our subscriber Svetlana Andreeva.

Tip 2: an inquisitive mind

The plane always has something to consider: seats, magazines, porthole and wing, flaps, beautiful clouds and brought cups… This is all familiar to you, and for a child every flight is a whole new world! As soon as everything inside the plane seems to be studied, look out the window. Together, admire the beautiful clouds and blue sky, sunset and dawn are special moments.

Prepared leisure options are over? Be prepared for the impromptu.

“If you can’t calm your baby, walk with him through the cabin, passengers will think that you are doing everything possible and will not be mad at you:) We start to walk around the cabin once off the scoreboard fasten your seat belts, look out the window, get acquainted with the flight attendants, if allowed, watching as the water poured in a Cup, all sorts of pens out there in their compartment, look, pull, waving at the camera the commander, and so on, most flight attendants are included in the game.”- shares her proven method Tatiana Abramushkina.

Tip 3: “Pandora’s Box” from parents

A bear, a doll, a car, cartoons, a package of toys-small things in the form of a surprise. No one knows your child better than you do. Choose toys that take into account the interests of your baby. He will be happy with a whole bag of interesting little things, and you and your neighbors will spend at least 30 minutes in peace. Among the most common tips for playing with children on the plane, the leaders are: finger games, “Cities” (and similar games with the theme of animals, clothing, etc.), books, rubber bands for weaving, coloring books, reusable educational cards, interactive toys with the ability to turn off or turn down the sound, reusable stickers, pencils, fields for “TIC-TAC-toe” and other games, pens with stamps.

Children always do not mind listening to a new fairy tale that their mother or father will read, and looking at colorful pictures. Fantasize, surprise and buy new toys.

Don’t forget about your favorite plush friends.

Life hacks for a quiet flight:

  1. Everything is prepared and thought out in advance, focusing on the flight time;
  2. Sometimes night flights are even convenient. Children can fall asleep;
  3. Put in your bag “forbidden”: sweets, cartoons and games on your tablet;
  4. Do not give children toys on wheels, round and oval – everything that can roll away, leave and be under the feet of neighbors in 10 rows in 30 seconds;
  5. Try to inspire your child with new games and crafts-origami, mosaics, coloring pages, mazes.
  6. Be always involved in the process of children’s games, especially if you managed to interest them!

Have a nice flight, quiet takeoffs and soft landings!