Forbes: How the sea changes management style – Regatta for friends

Forbes: How the sea changes management style

Forbes magazine published article of  Sergey Sinitsyn “Regatta for friends” founder.

We often talk about a complete “reset” during sailing trips, in the material – just about that. Look at your business with a new look: using simple examples from the life of yachtsmen, comparisons of the behavior of a manager and a successful manager have been made.

“The sea is a great teacher. It shows how to work effectively with the team, while remaining a leader, why you need to go beyond your role and what is your business reputation. How can yachting principles be transferred to your own business? ”

About how the sea and yachting helps to take a fresh look at life and see the horizons of opportunities for growth and development, about how it is useful to change roles and understand the essence of each unit and look for development points and team play read in article “Office hostage: How the sea changes management style.”